President Obama Inspires Houston Area High School Seniors

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Victoria Comesanas and Ariana Sharma, Cinco Ranch High School Seniors


By Serbino Sandifer-Walker

Ariana Sharma and Victoria Comesanas are not your typical high school seniors.

On this night at Houston’s Minute Maid Park, they talk about global energy, women’s reproductive rights and the power of the vote.

The innocence of their enthusiasm so unaffected, you want to bottle it up and share it with the world.

For now, their excitement vibrates across this 40-thousand seat plus arena to a room that is the epicenter, where hundreds share in their sentiments. They’ve gathered here for a Friday night fundraiser.

The recipient of this adoration and $2 million is President Barack Obama. Each person paid $500 to attend the event.

This is President Obama’s first visit to the Bayou City since his campaigning days in 2007.

“The energy was incredible,” says Comesanas. “He talked about everything I hoped he would talk about.”

“I didn’t promise you I would be the perfect President”

In his 15-minute speech, President Obama talked about health care, Houston’s oil roots, the economy and why every American should be able to afford a college education.

“I didn’t promise you I would be the perfect president,” says President Obama.” I did say, I would wake up everyday and fight as hard as I could for you.”

Sharma was particularly impressed with Mr. Obama’s humbleness, oratory presentation and outreach to youth.

“This is a part of our education to go out and see the President of the United States,” says Sharma.

In 2008, Mr. Obama was the favored candidate of registered voters 18-29 years of age, according Gallup polling.

Mr. Obama is hoping to rekindle support from the youth vote in 2012.

Sharma says this will be her first time voting and Mr. Obama can count on her support.

“He’s so accessible to the young people, “ says Sharma. “It’s important to go out there and let your voice be heard.”

The Cinco Ranch High School seniors poised and thoughtful drew lessons from the event.

Comesanas will be attending Rice University in Houston in the fall and will major in political science. She says young people should not take their votes for granted.

“Without you, the election does not happen”

“I think it’s our responsibility to get involved and vote. I think it is our civic duty. I think a lot of people don’t get that. They think their vote does not matter, when in fact it does. Without you, the election does not happen,” says Comesanas.

Sharma will attend Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, New York. She says tonight’s event was much more than a fundraiser.

“I felt like I was a part of history,” says Sharma.

November 6, 2012 will be a day that Sharma and Comesanas will not soon forget. Only 242 days until they cast a vote in the Presidential election; their first.

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