Occupy Houston Protestors Find Their Voices

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Occupy Houston Demonstrator




By Emerald Reed
Almost two months after the first occupations occurred on Wall Street in New York City, Occupy Houston celebrates a month of “occupying” downtown Houston.

The scene at Tranquility Park on November 10th, a month and four days after the occupy movement descended upon Houston, is just as the park’s name would suggest, tranquil.

There are young people playing frisbee, a group talking over coffee, men and women preparing the day’s meal, while others set up protective tarp to cover medical supplies and other surplus goods.

“I believe we’ve done a very good job of maintaining a peaceful protest,” says Shaun, a member of Occupy Houston, who didn’t care to state his last name. “Occupy Houston isn’t like many of the other protests taking place across the country.”

He says the Houston demonstrators have found their voices.

“It’s the people; I think that we are all very aware of the region of the country we live in and the fact that Texas is a red state. We’ve been silenced out by the one percenters so much that we weren’t aware of our own voices, “says Shaun.

While the occupation has remained somewhat peaceful, there were a few noticeable changes that have taken place in the last month. One of the most obvious changes would be the size of the group.

Eric, an occupier who has been with Occupy Houston since the first day says, yes, they are smaller, but stronger.

“The smaller group was expected, it happens with any big movement taking place. It all comes down to those who are really down for the cause. Also some that are for Occupy Houston just can’t be here, but they still find a way to support,” says Eric.

Another noticeable change would be the presence of police officers.

“It fluctuates. Some days we would have 10 or 12 officers out walking around the park and other days two or three. I’m not quite sure why, I just know it happens,” says Eric.

The location of the occupation could be listed as the last noticeable change. Due to the location and the Bayou City Arts Festival, the occupiers were forced to move twice. The first move for the occupiers started at Hermann Square Plaza and ended at Eleanor Tinsley Park. Then the occupiers moved from Eleanor Tinsley Park to Tranquility Park.
Over the past month Occupy Houston has come very far, becoming more organized and structured.

Occupy Houston now has an official website and a live stream to give anyone interested an idea of what goes on with the movement. Occupy Houston still continues to hold general assemblies daily.

They say they will occupy Houston until change comes.

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