UGK Inducted Into the Music Hall of Fame

UGK Inducted Into the Music Hall of Fame
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Momma West, Bernard “Bun B” Freeman, Chad Butler Jr and The Underground Kidz


By: Erik M. Granados

The Museum of the Gulf Coast Music Hall of Fame (HOF) unveiled a permanent exhibit for hip-hop Legends and Southern rap icons UGK that highlighted their career and accomplishments of sound recordings in their hometown On Sunday, Nov. 25.

Urban legends in their own lifetime, Bernard “Bun B” Freeman and Chad “Pimp C” Butler, formed UGK in Port Arthur, Texas in 1987.
Ami Kamora, the museum curator, said they are the first rap group to be inducted into The Museum’s Music HOF.

“I think it’s really great when your own community recognizes you,” said Kamora. “Sometimes it’s harder to make it at home than it is to make it in the greater world”
The Port Arthur Historical Society voted the Southern rap duo into the Music HOF unanimously.

They join other inductees which include Country Music Legend- George Jones, Rock and Roll Empress-Janis Joplin and R&B Legend- Archie Bell, to name a few.

Bernard “Bun B” Freeman

UGK is most popularly known for its 1999 feature on the single “Big Pimpin” by fellow Hip-Hop artist Jay-Z.
“Big Pimpin” would garner the duo their first Grammy nomination.

Chad Butler Jr., Pimp C’s son, said this is his hometown; this is where he represented; this is where he came from and this is what “we care about. “
“It’s very important because Port Arthur gave this to us. Port Arthur did it and that’s what makes it special. It’s Port Arthur,” said Butler, Jr.

The artifacts included in the exhibit are BET awards for Best Group and Video of The Year for “International Players Anthem” off of their 2007 release, “Underground Kingz.”

A letter from the Grammy Recording Academy, the Pimp cup, a shirt and pair of white sneakers worn creating the image iconized by the late rapper Pimp C and a UGK Vinyl Record are also on display.

Pimp C’s Mother, Mama Wes said “C” particularly loved his ‘PA.’ He screamed Port Arthur wherever he went.

“This would be even more important to see than in a National Museum because this is home,” said Mama Wes.

The Museum of the Gulf Coast, Music Hall of Fame is located at 700 Proctor Street, Port Arthur, Texas 77640.

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