Collegians Debate 2012 Issues on Election Eve

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Texas Southern University scholars Damien Jones and Reginald Grant, Jr. will debate 2012 election issues Monday, Nov. 5 at noon in the School of Communication TV studio.

Jones, who is a Democrat and Grant, who is a Republican, will debate issues ranging from the economy to the role of race in this election.

The event will be broadcast on this blog, Ustream, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Storify, Storination and several other social media websites. The Social Media Correspondents organized the event. Social Media Correspondents creator, Serbino Sandifer-Walker, said this debate showcases the new paradigm in journalism.

“It’s a very exciting time in journalism. We are hosting a very important event across multiple platforms. We are giving the nation and global community an opportunity to interact with our future leaders about substantive issues,” said Sandifer-Walker, a TSU journalism professor.

November 5 Election Debate

Social Media Correspondents
The Social Media Correspondents use multiple social media platforms to report on pertinent issues. The founding editor is journalist and Texas Southern University Journalism Professor Serbino Sandifer-Walker @sswalker (Twitter). *We are the first team in the nation, with a professional and collegiate news group, to use multiple social media as a reporting tool. We tell stories dynamically using a myriad of social and multimedia platforms. We are especially interested in telling under told stories in underserved communities. We use mobile phones and tablets to capture video, audio, photos and live events in the communities we cover. We live tweet and have a newsfeed on Twitter at #TwitterNewsChat. We're always thinking outside of the box.

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