Kenneth Ware, Jr. Leads Students in an Innovate Day Assignment

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Kenneth Ware, Jr., chief social media correspondent, will lead Texas Southern University journalism students in an “Innovate Day” assignment at Houston’s Discovery Green today.

Discovery Green


See the Assignment (By Kenneth Ware, Jr.):

There are a wide-variety of activities to participate in while visiting Discovery Green located at 1500 McKinney in the heart of Houston. Weekly, the park offers kayaking, music concerts and healthy living activities for all ages.

This Friday, we will focus on some of its features including: The John P. McGovern Playground, Mist Tree, Kinder Lake, Gardens at Discovery Green, Jones Lawn, Simmons Family Stage and Art at Discovery Green.

Using Twitter,  and the hastag #TwitterNewsChat, students will take their followers on an eye-opening journey through the park by posting compelling photos and publishing informative and fun tweets. Each student is expected to post a minimum of 10 newsworthy tweets while at the park. Be creative!

Have your smart phone ready and dress comfortably. If you are unfamiliar with Discovery Green please visit the website. You may find another section of the park you might be more inclined to cover.

I will see you today at 12:45p.m. in front of the Synchronicity of Color. A picture of the “art boxes” is included in this post.

Text/Call/Tweet me if you have any questions. I’m at @KennethWareJr. Check the Blackboard for my telephone number.

Social Media Correspondents
The Social Media Correspondents use multiple social media platforms to report on pertinent issues. The founding editor is journalist and Texas Southern University Journalism Professor Serbino Sandifer-Walker @sswalker (Twitter). *We are the first team in the nation, with a professional and collegiate news group, to use multiple social media as a reporting tool. We tell stories dynamically using a myriad of social and multimedia platforms. We are especially interested in telling under told stories in underserved communities. We use mobile phones and tablets to capture video, audio, photos and live events in the communities we cover. We live tweet and have a newsfeed on Twitter at #TwitterNewsChat. We're always thinking outside of the box.

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