Let’s Power-up NBC’s Social Media Footprint

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Social media is leaving its footprint all over the 2012 Olympic games. From Twitter and Facebook to Pinterest and more, millions, including the athletes, have joined the global chat on the 2012 competition in London. After studying NBC’s 2012 Olympic social media portfolio, I decided to develop a quick-5-step-Twitter-guide to help the network power-up its social media footprint on this last day of the games. Twitter was reported to be the most popular social network during the opening ceremony; it may likely be the most popular during the closing ceremony.

 Turbo-charge the tweets with journalism basics at @NBCOlympics. Think recaps, headlines, leads and links. Give recaps and headlines at the top of the hour. Give the latest news every five  minutes.  Include a link with every tweet. The goal is to have l2 fact packed tweets every hour. (This is the last day. Make it count.)


Headlines: Men’s basketball, marathon, handball plus women’s modern pentathlon and closing ceremony, all today  (click link).

Recap: U.S. men capture the Olympic gold in the basketball finals; U.S. women slam-dunk too; Bolt blazes into history (click link). #Olympics2012

Tweet: Bolt blazes into history with world record performance in the 4×100 meter relay (click  link). #Olympics2012

Tweet: The U.S. women didn’t hold back in the 4×100 and 4×400 relays. It’s Olympic gold all the way  (click link). #Olympics2012

Tweet: Brazil captures the Olympic gold in volleyball against U.S. women in a hard fought fight  (click link) #Olympics2012

You get the idea.

  Multimedia Everything: More photos, video and a little audio, please. We love photos. Take pictures that capture the human side of the athletes and the fans. Use a mobile (s) so  that  the photos can be uploaded instantly to the Twitter timeline. NBC has nice photos and videos at @NBCOlympics; however, people are confused with the branding of your name. Some people honestly do not know there is an NBCOlympics.com.   Also, there are scores of people who enjoy listening to audio reports on their mobile radio apps, podcasts. Add the audio link to your mobile or website. Yes, more photos, more videos and a little audio would be nice.

  Multimedia Tweet-up with fans and family members of Olympians for the closing ceremony: There are so many fans and family members of the athletes in London. Set up a    remote location and invite some fans and family members to participate in the Tweet-up. The participants will use their mobile devices to communicate via social media, share their videos, photos and tweets about the closing ceremony.


  Mobile-it-Up: It’s okay to use a mobile phone (s) to capture video and photos right at the event, edit on the mobile, and upload to the blog. In fact, call it NBC MobileLympics.  Let’s have some fun with the mobile devices.


  Have a “Chief Social Media Correspondent” explain why this has been dubbed the first social media Olympics. Don’t be shy about saying that things have not been perfect and in  fact some things have been wrong. Social media enthusiasts thrive on transparency; however, remind everyone that it’s not really about NBC, it’s about the athletes and they have made the games magical. * (I created the nation’s first collegiate chief social media correspondent.)

* I did find the NBC Olympic Talker; however, most people don’t know @MKitchen is your Olympic blogger. Get @MKitchen and 10 more of your producers to lead the social media meet tweet-up.

Here are just a few resources your producers could use to power-up the conversation on this last day of the Olympics. We’ll all be participating in this last day of the “Socialympics.”


StarCount calls the 2012 Olympians the “Social Olympians of 2012.

 The First Truly Social Olympics

 The 2012 Olympic Viewer is really Connected

 Social Media Connects London 2012, Athletes and the Audience

 So, there really is a Twitterlympics? 

People are using their mobiles devices to communicate on social media because of the ease of use at during the 2012 Olympics 

Fans are using labtops, smartphones, tablets, smart-tvs, and desktops to interact on social media during the 2012 Olympics.

The 2012 Olympics and Startups

Social Media: Stronger, Faster Nastier

Instagram and Olympics 2012

I’ll continue to add on to this list. A big thanks to Kiratiana of kiratianatravels.com for the use of photos.

Team USA from http://kiratianatravels.com/

Social Media Correspondents
The Social Media Correspondents use multiple social media platforms to report on pertinent issues. The founding editor is journalist and Texas Southern University Journalism Professor Serbino Sandifer-Walker @sswalker (Twitter). *We are the first team in the nation, with a professional and collegiate news group, to use multiple social media as a reporting tool. We tell stories dynamically using a myriad of social and multimedia platforms. We are especially interested in telling under told stories in underserved communities. We use mobile phones and tablets to capture video, audio, photos and live events in the communities we cover. We live tweet and have a newsfeed on Twitter at #TwitterNewsChat. We're always thinking outside of the box.

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